Masking Tape Mummy Craft

My son is obsessed with all things Halloween.  I’m not quite sure where or when it started, but we’ve been building ‘spooky castles’ out of blocks since March, and reading cute ghost and pumpkin stories ever since he could crawl to the book box and choose the book for story time.  We’ve re-enacted many an episode of Scooby Doo with the little set of figures I found at a garage sale and we’ve hunted for the ghosts we made out of twists of tissue and twine.

And the projects!  He hasn’t met a spooky craft he hasn’t loved, and we’ve had fun decorating our house with the results.  I’ve been compiling Halloween crafts and ideas all summer long, so when the first chilly fall morning greeted us, I was ready.

We decided to try our hand at this cute Masking Tape Mummy.  I had purchased a package of black card stock at the craft store with the intention of making paper bats, but when I found myself with an odd twenty minutes to fill before we left for work and Grandma’s house, this was a perfect fit.  This project is fast to set up, simple enough to modify for any age, and it promotes fine motor development for little hands.  Plus it doesn’t require special materials or skills and it looks great every time!

You can read the original instructions we used here.

What you will need:

  • Masking tape
  • Black card stock or construction paper  (Card stock is a bit sturdier, but any paper will do if you are in a hurry)
  • A light colored pencil or piece of chalk
  • Googly eyes
  • Glue
  • Scissors
  • Optional: hole punch and string, if you’d like to make a mummy bunting  🙂

Start by free-handing the mummy’s body using your colored pencil or chalk.  Don’t stress too much about how it looks; think of the most basic gingerbread man type shape and just wing it.  You can see in this picture that I made one arm a bit too big, so I just drew a second line.  You will be cutting this guy out anyway, so no worries.

Oct. 2015 162

Next, start ripping your masking tape into little strips.  If your little one can do this step on their own, let them.  My son attempted to do this on his own while I sketched the mummy shape, but he just ended up with a wadded up ball of tape, so I ripped some tape strips for him and stuck them on the table.  I showed him how to place the strips and on the mummy shape and then let him get to it.  It’s okay if the tape goes outside the outline since again, you’ll be cutting your mummy out.  You may want to start sketching your second and third mummies at this point, since it didn’t take long to wrap our first mummy up.

Oct. 2015 167

Oct. 2015 169

After your mummy is wrapped up to your liking, cut it out with the scissors.  The first mummy we made was so covered in tape that I could no longer see the pencil lines, so I just cut it out in a mummy shape.  For the second one I asked him to leave some of the pencil lines showing, which made it a little easier to cut out.  You could also create a mummy shape template and then trace it onto the back of the card stock.  Do whatever works for you and your little one.

When you’ve finished cutting your mummy out, it’s time for googly eyes.  We found some fun ones with colored eyes at our dollar store, but any kind will look great.  Get out your glue and glue the eyes in place.  I used the hot glue gun because instant gratification, but if you’re in no particular rush, let your little one do the work.  Place the eyes where you want them first, then lift one up at a time and add a little blob of glue and then press the eye in place.  If you’re worried about mess, let them dab glue into place with a cotton swab and keep wet paper towels or a wipe handy.

Oct. 2015 170

After we made a few mummies my son decided we needed to make a mummy cat.  I sketched out a kitty shape and he added the tape and some pink fur details.  I love when a project becomes the jumping off point for other ideas and creativity.

Oct. 2015 174

Oct. 2015 179

Oct. 2015 176

Now that you have a bunch of mummies, what to do with them?  We ended up giving a few away to friends and Grandma, so we only had two left.  I’m sure we’ll have more soon, since this craft was quite a hit.  Until then, I punched two holes close to the top of the mummy’s head and threaded them on a string to create a mini mummy bunting.  Mini mummy bunting – try saying that three times fast!

Oct. 2015 181

Oct. 2015 182

I hope you enjoy making your own masking tape mummies and coming up with fun ways to use them.  A mummy wreath?  A mummy card?  The possibilities are endless – and so spooky and sweet!

– K


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