Jumping In, Anyway

I’ve thought about writing a blog for a few years now.  My husband even suggested it off the cuff about a year ago.   I would constantly read blogs to look for ideas and inspiration for projects, and there was always that tiny, nagging thought as I perused postings and read through the anecdotes – I could do this too.

And as is the usual case with me, for quite some time I went back and forth in my mind, listing all the reasons I should:  I like writing!  It could be a fun and humorous way to document all our crafty triumphs (and bitter defeats).  I could share my ideas and engage in like-minded communities online.  I could salvage some of the usefulness of my education degree.  And who knows – it could even become profitable some day, or so the fairy tale of the self-published goes.

And of course, all the reasons I should not:  It’s going to take a commitment of time I may not have.  It might cost money to maintain a blog and our budget is tight.  I already get some static about being “that crafty mom” and I’m fairly certain I don’t want to tell people I’m an insufferable mommy blogger too.  I’m an old, and therefore a more privacy minded person who does not want to share my actual family doings, just our crafty adventures.  I take lousy pictures.  So on and so on.

And yet, here I am, jumping in feet first anyway.  Anyway.  That’s kind of  magic word for me these days.  It means I can try something new despite my fears.  It means I can do things on my own terms.  It means that despite the myriad reasons piling up under the NO column, I’m going to try anyway.

You know those blogs.  The ones where everything is all soft pastels and gold tones, where the pictures are absolutely perfect looking, photo-shoot quality shots, where the houses are spotless modern marvels of design, where the projects look utterly perfect at every step, where everything is twee and charming and delightful and perfect and the kids are perfect in their pleated dresses and chinos and have names like Peyton and Ayyydyn and McKalylynyn?

Yeah.  That’s not what this is, not by a long shot.  Or going to be, at least.  One post does not a blog make.  But I’m excited to jump in, feet first.  I’ve already got a few ideas knocking around in my head that I am excited to share, even if everything isn’t perfect.  Anyway.  I’m going to try.  What’s the worst that could happen?  Wait – don’t answer that.

So welcome.  Grab a cup of coffee with me.  I have a rule around here that Mom doesn’t do diddly until she’s had at LEAST one cup.  But hey, after coffee life is good and there’s fun to be had.  Anyway, let’s make some stuff!

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